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Wild – (Extended) U.S National Parks

Wild from Matt Brass on Vimeo.

UPDATED NOVEMBER 23, 2012: 18 minutes of new footage.

Music is by by Chris Zabriskie (

“God never made an ugly landscape. All that the sun shines on is beautiful, so long as it is wild.”

– John Muir, Atlantic Monthly, January 1869.

A compilation of our recent wilderness adventures. Locations include Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, North Park, Co., Mount Evans, Co., and Badlands National Park.

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Far from the Ordinary – Yellowstone

Far from the Ordinary from William Barrell on Vimeo.

Far from the Ordinary, Yellowstone National Park

Part 3 of 19 of the Yellowstone Music Project. Each segment will explore a different aspect of the parks and surrounding countryside. Enjoy!

Please support the Yellowstone Association. Since 1933 the Yellowstone Association has been the National Park Service's official partner in education in Yellowstone Park. More info at

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Sony PMW-EX3 and HDR-Z7U cameras, Manfrotto Tripods, Zeiss and Nikon Lens
Music in Segment 3 "Unreal Feelings – Gianluce Bove"
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Yosemite National Park and Epic Sierra

Yosemite & The Epic Sierra from Tony Rowell on Vimeo.

I am a photographer and filmmaker inspired by the stunning photography of my father renowned photographer and mountaineer Galen Rowell. This short film features time-lapse footage that I captured of numerous iconic landscapes in Yosemite National Park and the surrounding Sierra Nevada mountains. In 1973 my father Galen was the first person to shoot color photos of sunset light on Yosemite's Horsetail Fall. This natural phenomenon is often referred to as the "Firefall," a name that pays homage to the manmade firefall that once took place in Yosemite. In February of 2013 I visited the park several times during a two week window when the sun's rays illuminate the seasonal waterfall. In this short video I share the footage that I captured of the Firefall as well as a rare nighttime lunar rainbow in the mist of Yosemite Falls known as a Moonbow. The majority of this video was shot in Yosemite and The Epic Sierra during 2012-13 under the countless stars of the Milky Way and by Moonlight on partial or full moons evenings. These scenes were recently added to my much longer narrated film "Sierra Starlight" available at the Bishop Visitors Center. Sierra Starlight DVD Rowell Sierra Starlight Eastern Sierra dvd blue ray.
Sierra Starlight – Astronomy Magazine
"Sierra Starlight" is a tour of dark-sky locations in the United States and the beauty above them. Astrophotographer Tony Rowell spent more than two years filming areas in Yosemite National Park and in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
Price: $14.95 (DVD); $19.95 (Blu-ray)
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