Een leven lang de Menkemaborg (tuin 1700)

Dicht bij de Waddenzee in het hoge noorden van Groningen ligt de Menkemaborg met haar tuin uit 1700. De plek waar Rita Wortelboer haar naam letterlijk aan verbonden heeft. We gingen op bezoek op het moment dat de Magnolia in volle bloei stond. ▷ Met dank aan: De Menkemaborg & Rita Wortelboer

Bunny Guinness: Late summer seed sowing

Bunny explains why Late Summer is a great time to sow many veg & herb seeds as well as flowers – hardy annuals, biennials and perennials.By late summer many Spring-grown crops are bolting and going to seed, so it’s a perfect time to replenish them while the weather’s still warm enough to germinate a fresh…

Hitchmough, Making the Grasslands Garden – Horniman Museum and Gardens

The Grasslands Garden opened in June 2018, it celebrates globally threatened landscapes, highlights the beauty of grasses and their plant communities in a stunning display with year-round appeal. The Grasslands Gardens draws its inspiration from the grassland habitats of the North American Prairie and the South African Drakensburg mountain region. It was designed by James…

Bunny Guinness; My top Performing Roses

Bunny shares her top performing roses that she either grows in her own garden or uses for clients.She covers shrub roses, climbers, ramblers and some new roses grown specifically for cut flowers.Bunny also gives us a fool proof guide on how to take rose cuttings – at Any time of year.