Garden of Exquisite Beauty by Dries van Noten

“One should either create a work of art.
Or be a work of art.”
Oscar Wilde

Perhaps this saying more than any other sums up the life of Dries Van Noten where “life overlaps art”. Here this small excerpt from a larger documentary shows his application of art to create the most sumptuously beautiful setting in both the interior and garden of his stunning home in Lier near Antwerp.

And later, a glimpse into the preparation and work behind the scenes of his Winter Collection 2015/16, heavily influenced by his garden with embroidered and sequinned fabrics together with floral corsages and a strong mood of the Baroque and Renaissance periods. He is certainly a man in love with colour.

In Dries’ own words “I do not like the word fashion. I like the idea of something that you have and which grows with you personally over time.”

The video is compiled from the full documentary Dries (2017).