Garden Rescue Series 4 – Byfleet UK

The Garden Rescue team are in Byfleet, Surrey, to help stylish octogenarian Gay. She wants a garden where she can sit out all year long – she is often out there from as early as February enjoying the birds and the wildlife that come calling. However, since her late husband passed away she has not been able to keep up with her garden and wants a design that is simple to manage but welcoming to her many friends and family who are always dropping by.

The Rich Brothers and Arit Anderson, the new recruit to the Garden Rescue team, are only too happy to come to her aid. Arit’s design uses repeating circle motifs to create interest in an otherwise small and featureless space and gives Gay a curved wooden seat surrounded by bright flowers from which to sit and entertain, while the brothers come up with a paved courtyard garden, filled with elegant multi-stemmed trees?