Snowdonia Time Lapse

Snowdonia from Anthony Roberts on Vimeo.

My timing was terrible. Back in September 2012 I started a project to produce a short time lapse compilation. As a photographer with a passion for landscape, and living in the Snowdonia National Park, it made perfect sense to base the first project on my own back yard, here in north Wales. I thought it would take a few months, but I didn't bank on the weather being so dull for so long, the odd clear day here and there punching a hole in the endless, drab, grey clouds that seem to have plagued the weather this winter. Over time, those holes in the weather added up and I managed to get all of the shots I originally set out to do, added to some I had done earlier in the year.

I concentrated my efforts on a few key areas, mainly around Snowdon itself and the surrounding mountains, and then a few sequences from the west coast near to Harlech, where I grew up. Admittedly, this is only a small fraction of the stunning scenery to see in the Park, but I fully intend to continue shooting both here and further afield over the coming months and years.

If you spot the Caterpillar, well done! If you can tell me what species of British moth it is, I would be very impressed (I do know by the way, and there are no prizes sorry).

Kit used
Canon 7D
Dynamic Perception Stage One Motorised Slider for motion time lapse sequences

If you have any questions or you would like to discuss possible commissioned work, please contact me direct at, or through my website


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